The DESIGN WORKS Studios, LLC was founded based on the premise of providing quality design solutions through outstanding service, professional integrity and efficient design processes that support and enhance our client's business strategies. This includes increasing innovation and creativity, providing a platform for employees to maximize their potential and streamlining work processes.

The DESIGN WORKS Studios prides itself on being a full service interior design firm. To us, this means that not only are all employees well versed in every project phase, but you, the client, will have continuity in your team from project start to completion ensuring no loss of information. This direct involvement in all design phases maintains the integrity of the original design from conception to client move-in.

Our process focuses on listening to our clients and understanding their functional, budgetary and efficiency objectives for the project, educating the client on the design process, and engaging the client as an integral team member in the entire design process. We are skilled at translating our client's visions and working with them to create environments that are a reflection of the owner – with client satisfaction as our principal goal.